Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Sunrise - the untimate beginning
God's promise of renewal,
Brilliance and beauty
Exuding reverence.

Butterflies, fresh from the cocoon,
The cocoon of safety and confinement
Into a world of space -  and freedom.

Springtime, green and bright
With the hope of harvest;
Smells - peculiar only to Spring.

Easter, heralding the Joy of Rebirth,
God's assurance of Eternal Life;
Hope for tomorrow.

Seeds with life securely encased,
Needing only Nature's touch
To bring forth new beginnings.

And children...
God's reassurance of faith in human-kind,
Faith in His Creation.

New beginnings..
The chance to start over.
No remembering failures,
No holding grudges,
No finding fault.
New beginnings...
The gift of God's love.


Would that all of us could
Allow our armor to
Be cast aside and
Become a child again
For just one day.

To experience the joy
Shown in simple things:
A bloom of dandelion,
Or an ant on the path;
A rose wrapped in paper,
Wet with water so that
It stays fresh and green
Until it gets to school.

Would that all of us could
Feel wind on our face and
Laughter in our hearts, and
Become a child again
For just one day.