Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Sunrise - the untimate beginning
God's promise of renewal,
Brilliance and beauty
Exuding reverence.

Butterflies, fresh from the cocoon,
The cocoon of safety and confinement
Into a world of space -  and freedom.

Springtime, green and bright
With the hope of harvest;
Smells - peculiar only to Spring.

Easter, heralding the Joy of Rebirth,
God's assurance of Eternal Life;
Hope for tomorrow.

Seeds with life securely encased,
Needing only Nature's touch
To bring forth new beginnings.

And children...
God's reassurance of faith in human-kind,
Faith in His Creation.

New beginnings..
The chance to start over.
No remembering failures,
No holding grudges,
No finding fault.
New beginnings...
The gift of God's love.

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