Monday, June 27, 2011

Being A Caretaker

            God calls us to be all kinds of things.  The important fact is that we must be responsive to His call.  And if we are responsive, He will support us; sometimes it takes a while for us to believe that.  Relying completely on our Lord is so difficult at times.  We tell ourselves that we are trusting with our entire being, yet we find ourselves trying to take over the management of our lives; we are convinced we can handle things. Our human tendencies direct us to try to do things our way.  We read the scripture to say “I can do all things”, and we fail to add the second part:  “through Christ who strengthens me”.  Being a caretaker falls into this category.
            I have chosen to take care of my mother in her waning years.  I love her dearly; yet at times, I feel so restricted and smothered that it feels as if I am on house arrest.  And I feel guilty for feeling that way. I was fortunate to have a great mother.  She gave everything she had to make a better life for me:  her time, her money, her love.  Now it’s time for me to give back. It’s the human part of me that gets tired, impatient, and just plain weary.  It’s only with God’s help and support that I can continue!  And if I ask, He gives me that support.  I renew my physical and emotional body through His help.

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